SL3 UNLOCK CODE Nokia BF Code Calculation.

Service cost £3, no coupons for this service.

SL3 UNLOCK CODE by local brute force LBF for Nokia - 15 nck ONLY(15 Digits).

Delivery time: from 3h to 2d (24h in most cases)
"Unlock Nokia BF - code calculation" service consists in providing the computing power of our computers to calculate the unlock code for Nokia phones based on the submitted SL3 log file readed by one of the devices:  Genie Clip, Infinity BEST, ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher), MT-Box, Cyclone Box, Fenix key, Mx-Key.
Supported file formats: *.log, *.bcl or *.sha. All systems are fully automated and works 24/7. Just place a log file via our site and after several hours you will receive an unlock code.The time of code calculation depends on the current server load (currently at a level of 3h to 3days).
Warning! The service only for GSM services who have one of devices placed above. At the moment there is no possibility of read phone logos without such a device.


  1. The only requirement  Hash Lock IMEI.

More info

  • Unlock is safe, absolutely legal and permanent. Guaranteed!
  • All Nokia devices get unlocked with a “code”. Customers just need to wait for us to send your device unlocking code by email and then, insert a  SIM card and input the code when prompted. There are more ways to insert this code, read more here.
  • Nokia (Finnish: Nokia, Finnish pronunciation: [ˈnokiɑ], UK: /ˈnɒkiə/, US: /ˈnoʊkiə/) is a Finnish multinational communications, information technology and consumer electronics company, founded in 1865. Nokia's headquarters are in Espoo, Uusimaa, in the greater Helsinki metropolitan area. In 2016, Nokia employed approximately 101,000 people across over 100 countries, did business in more than 130 countries, and reported annual revenues of around €23.6 billion. Nokia is a public limited company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. It is the world's 415th-largest company measured by 2016 revenues according to the Fortune Global 500, and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. Source: Wikipedia

Frequently asked questions about Unlock Nokia  service

Q?: How much costs to unlock my Nokia from network carrier?
A!: It will only cost you 3£ with no further additional payments. That's all.

Q?: Will this unlocking service work for sure?
A!: Of course, we unlock Nokia  within maximum 2 days. We performed over 200.000 unlocks already!

Q?: Is this permanent? What if I update my firmware?
A!: Our service is a permanent solution for your device. You can update your firmware and it will never get locked again.

Q?: How do I get notified when my Nokia is unlocked?
A!: You will receive an e-mail confirmation with easy-to-follow instructions on how to activate your unlock on the device.

Q?: This works for any Android software version of Nokia?
A!: Absolutely, works for any version and will keep unlocked if you upgrade your software in the future.