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December 17, 2017
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December 17, 2017
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Unlock IMEI Doro EE Other Models



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Estimated delivery time:  20 hours
Guaranteed delivery time: 2 – 48 hours
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Unlock IMEI Doro EE (Everything Everywhere)

Valid for models
Liberto 820 Mini Primo 413
Primo 365 Liberto 810
PhoneEasy 622 PhoneEasy 621
PhoneEasy 508 Liberto 820
PhoneEasy 520X PhoneEasy 615
PhoneEasy 614 PhoneEasy 612
PhoneEasy 605 PhoneEasy 515
PhoneEasy 510 PhoneEasy 505
PhoneEasy 715 PhoneEasy 740
PhoneEasy 610gsm PhoneEasy 409gsm
PhoneEasy 341gsm HandlePlus 326i gsm
HandleEasy 332gsm PhoneEasy 410gsm
PhoneEasy 345gsm PhoneEasy 342gsm
PhoneEasy 338gsm HandlePlus 334gsm
HandleEasy 330gsm HandleEasy 328gsm
HandlePlus 324gsm HandleEasy 326gsm
  1. Only “clean” devices can be unlocked. Blacklisted, lost and/or stolen IMEIs will be rejected. Check if your device is clean here.
  2. In addition, only devices older than 6 months on EE can be unlocked.
More info
  • Unlock is safe, absolutely legal and permanent.  Guaranteed!
  • All Doro devices like iPhones, iPads and smartwatches get unlocked without a “code”. Customers just need to wait for our confirmation, then insert a non-EE SIM card and sync with iTunes or over WiFi. Read more here.
  • Doro is a listed Swedish company focusing on the development, marketing and sales of telecommunication and consumer electronics products and as well as more recently software adapted to old people. The company’s headquarters is in Lund, Sweden. Doro has over 38 years’ experience within the telecoms sector. Doro products are now widely available in more than 30 countries across five continents. Doro had revenues of SEK SEK 837.5 million in 2012. The company is quoted on the OMX Stockholm, Nordic list, Small companies. The company’s CEO is Jérôme Arnaud. Source: Wikipedia
Frequently asked questions about Unlock IMEI Doro EE service

Q?: How much costs to unlock IMEI Doro model EE network carrier?
A!: It will only cost you 13.99£ with no further additional payments. That’s all.

Q?: Will this unlocking service work for sure?
A!: Of course, we unlock IMEI Doro EE within maximum 48h. We performed over 200.000 unlocks already!

Q?: Is this permanent? What if I update my firmware?
A!: Our service is a permanent solution for your device. You can update your firmware and it will never get locked again.

Q?: How do I get notified when my Doro EE is unlocked?
A!: You will receive an e-mail confirmation with easy-to-follow instructions on how to activate your unlock on the device.

Q?: This works for any iOS software version of Doro EE?
A!: Absolutely, works for any version and will keep unlocked if you upgrade your software in the future.

Why unlock your Doro phone?
  • Easily Change SIM cards between GSM operators using the same Doro device.
  • If you travel, buy a local SIM card and save on roaming charges.
  • Unlock your DOro device from the comfort of tour home quickly and easily, no complicated routing, software or cables are required.
  • There is absolutely no risk of damaging your Doro Devices by unlocking it.
How to enter Doro unlock code

To apply/enter Doro unlock code in your device there are two paths to follow after you have obtained your unlock code. The two ways are presented below:
There are two simple ways to enter an unlock code to your Doro Device:

Method 1
  • Turn on the phone with the SIM card not accepted.
  • A pop-up menu for Insert the code will appear.
  • Insert the code provided and press OK
  • Restart your phone.
  • The device is now unlocked.
Method 2
  • Turn on the phone without any SIM card
  • Write sequence * # 787464 # as a phone number.
  • Enter the unlock code provided by Unlocki.ng.
  • The phone is unlocked.
Having problems?

Don’t hesitate to ask Unlocki.ng team if you have any issue entering your unlock code. We offer 24h chat support and fast reply ticket support. We will be pleased to help you in order to get your device unlocked. Visit our unlock shop if you still don’t have your unlock code.




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