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December 17, 2017
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Unlock IMEI Vodafone Vodafone Other Models



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Unlock IMEI Vodafone Vodafone

Valid for models
Tab Speed 6 Smart Speed 6
 Smart Ultra 6  Tab Prime 6
 Smart Prime 6  Smart First 6
 Smart 4 Fun  Smart 4 Max
 Smart 4 Power  Smart 4 Turbo
 Smart 4  Smart 4 mini
 Smart Mini  865 Smart Chat
 Smart III  Smart Tab II 10
 Smart Tab II 7  155 Simplicity
 655 Chat  Smart II
 Smart Tab 10  Smart Tab 7
 555 Blue  Smart 858
945 553
845  350 Messaging
 345 Text 248
 247 Solar 246
547 546
543 250
150 1240
840 541
540 340
 360 H1  360 M1
1231  V-X760
 Indie 835
736 735
235  V720
331 411
533  830i
526 332
231 1210
725 810
716 527
511 228
710 227
226 225
  1. Only “clean” devices can be unlocked. Blacklisted, lost and/or stolen IMEIs will be rejected. Check if your device is clean here.
  2. A SIM Vodafone phone number used on the device. Can be a pay as you go or monthly plan.
  3. Device must be older than 1 month on Vodafone network.
More info
  • Unlock is safe, absolutely legal and permanent. Guaranteed!
  • All Vodafone devices get unlocked with a “code”. Customers just need to wait for us to send your device unlocking code by email and then, insert a non-Vodafone SIM card and input the code when prompted. There are more ways to insert this code, read more here.
  • Vodafone Group plc /ˈvoʊdəfoʊn/ is a British multinational telecommunications company, with headquarters in London. It predominantly operates services in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Among mobile operator groups globally, Vodafone ranked fifth by revenue and second (behind China Mobile) in the number of connections (469.7 million) as of 2016. Vodafone owns and operates networks in 26 countries and has partner networks in over 50 additional countries. Its Vodafone Global Enterprise division provides telecommunications and IT services to corporate clients in 150 countries. Source: Wikipedia
Frequently asked questions about Unlock IMEI Vodafone Vodafone service

Q?: How much costs to unlock IMEI Honor Vodafone network carrier? A!: It will only cost you 4.99£ with no further additional payments. That’s all.

Q?: Will this unlocking service work for sure? A!: Of course, we unlock IMEI Vodafone Vodafone within maximum 12 days
. We performed over 200.000 unlocks already!

Q?: Is this permanent? What if I update my firmware? A!: Our service is a permanent solution for your device. You can update your firmware and it will never get locked again.

Q?: How do I get notified when my Vodafone is unlocked? A!: You will receive an e-mail confirmation with easy-to-follow instructions on how to activate your unlock on the device.

Q?: This works for any Android software version of Vodafone? A!: Absolutely, works for any version and will keep unlocked if you upgrade your software in the future.

Reasons to unlock your phone:
  • If you travel, buy a local SIM card and save on roaming fees.
  • The resale value of your phone will increase significantly as it is available to more operators.
  • Easily switch between SIM cards, using the same phone.
  • Unlock your phone from the comfort of your home.
  • There is absolutely no risk of damaging your Phone by unlocking it.
  • Very easy, without necessary technical experience.
  • The phone is unlocked permanently, even after updates.
How to enter Vodafone unlock code

To apply/enter Vodafone unlock code in your phone there are two paths to follow after you have obtained your unlock code. The two ways are presented below:

Unlocking your Vodafone phone by code is the easiest and fastest way to unlock your device’s network. It does not interfere with your system or modify it in any way, so even after using our code, you do not lose your warranty.

1. Insert the SIM card from a different source to your original Service Provider.
2. Your Vodafone phone will ask you to enter the SIM unlock code.
3. Enter the unlock code obtained in Unlocki.ng.
4. Your Vodafone phone is unlocked!

Having problems?

Don’t hesitate to ask Unlocki.ng team if you have any issue entering your unlock code. We offer 24h chat support and fast reply ticket support. We will be pleased to help you in order to get your device unlocked. Visit our unlock shop if you still don’t have your unlock code.




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